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Kaye and George Matymish


If to describe George, only one word can take,
The word is collector, without a debate,
Collector of what? A question you ask.
Collector of all things, to list is a task.

From nuts to bolts, cotterpins to widgets,
Hammers and saws, pliers and gadgets,
Of things held dear, of which reminisce,
Of things one reads, and things to fish.

A list so long, would make me weary,
Believe me please! Can't say more clearly!
And in that list, great topics read,
Thirst for knowledge, till each time bed.

Born and raised, a great Timmins man,
Worked their mine, then to Elliot ran,
And in our mine, great drawings made,
Until a layoff, all men last paid.


Sadness but need, the tee square he parked,
A new career, which to embark,
An Officer proud, to uphold the law,
Until retired, chased villains saw.

The many people, that knew George well,
Respect he earned, and they did tell,
That George is most, an honorable man,
The best of the best, and helps all he can.

George is a kind soul, and loves to discuss,
The state of the world, hear never a cuss,
And yet is reserved, to me great surprise,
A scholar of topics, I wished did arise.


While he was here, Committees he served,
Our love and respect, from us he deserves,
He will be missed, for there is no doubt,
We love you George, what this poem is about.